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Raging Cult, the poster

 Sandra lives her life through social media. She is fed up with the all the happy, smiling faces she sees which don't depict the truth. She decides to change the world of social media through infiltrating peoples feeds with her cult of feminine rage. 

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How it Came Together

Filmmaking for Female Filmmakers

After taking a course on the archetype of the Primal Animal, Lopez realized how much we, as women, suppress our inner wild, angry, fierce side, and thus her idea for a film was born. Written and shot in three weeks, she was determined to become a filmmaker. This is how it was born.

Archetypal Playground

About Meagan

Meagan Adele Lopez

Originally from Baltimore, Meagan Adele Lopez is an actress, writer, director and filmmaker. For the past decade, she has been working in advertising and most recently left the New York Times as their Global Digital Business Director. Now, she is back to working on her passion - creating. She is based in Paris, France.

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Raging Cult, the Trailer

We're going to change Sandra's happy fucking newsfeed.

The Crew

Jackie Teboul


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Raphaël Fourgeaud

Cinematographer for Interviews


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Volant Neli

Editor and 1st Assistant Camera

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Raphaël Monnin

Sound Designer

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Helen O'Keeffe

Art Director

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Mollie Keane

Molly, Actress

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Raging Cult